BEM #10 — Staring Contest

September 29th, 2019


Man, I legitimately don't want to finish this show at this point.


I am legitimately having trouble following this show, and it's not for my fabled lack of attention when things bore me, although that's not helping. There are so many straight up inexplicable developments in this episode, from the mundane to the inexplicable. Apparently the police knew about the mad scientist dude creating serial killer monsters in his basement the whole time. The kid's big plot was to blackmail the illuminati into letting him be their boss by threatening to expose them. Girl Detective's big plot was to Youtube her saying that the illuminati exists, which was the crippling blow to their existence apparently. And then there's things like when it just cuts from Bela and Belo paralyzed with dark magic and Bem being consumed by a nuclear psychic explosion to Bem unconscious in a tube and the other two casually watching from fifty feet away.

But even that pales against how they tried to sell the final boss, the head of the illuminati. The monster woman finally comes out and her big power? Her threat factor? Well, first she gives a long expository speech about how she's an immortal vampire, then she stares hard at people. That's it. That's her whole deal. She kind of glares at them and they fall over from her dark magic or whatever. We just had a barely animated fight involving a bureaucrat with chainsaws for hands, and you follow it up with a vampire woman staring a bit. I don't even want to finish this. Clearly this season's theme of monsters discovering humanity has not panned out.


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