BEM #08 — Lips Inc

September 15th, 2019


I'm ready for next season.


This was an episode in desperate need of a twist and to have its animation priorities re-evaluated. Random girl jumping into a pool? Gotta animate the hell out of that. Fight against lip monster? Meh. Whatever. We know where our priorities are. And they ain't in animating the stalker kid fumbling with his phone at the end, so here's two stills for that. Also, what was the stalker kid doing at the concert hall at all? He quite literally popped up out of absolutely nowhere in a room that supposedly had all its doors exploded shut a minute or two ago, in a building with the fire alarms going off. 

But back to the main thrust, so much of the episode's first half is just straight exposition about who the monster of the week is and what they're doing that it screams for there to be something more to it, like the son was the actual monster/killer or the singer is a victim. The killer is targeting people with strong voices. This famous singer is having voice issues. The killer is trying to fix her voice issues. It's such a painfully obvious thread of logic that they even let the cops figure it out, although since they didn't show up at the scene (until afterward, offscreen), it begs the question what the point of their scenes was then. To repeat the exposition found in the scenes on either side?


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