BEM #07 — “These Dogs Are So Screwed”

September 8th, 2019


What was this? Take-Backs, The Episode?


There's a lack of subtlety, and then there's having a dog's face consume the screen as it fades out to a giant "CHIMERA" title card, which is then immediately followed by a bunch of teenage girls gossiping about how crazy it would be if someone were to go around fusing humans with pets. You know, regular teenage girl stuff. At that point though, I had already chuckled a few times about how absolutely, completely, and utterly screwed those dogs were. But the weird part of this episode was how it wasn't able to commit to anything. There was this long scene about how the weekly dead body was probably something like a bear attack. First, you'd think in a town beset by monster serial killers on a weekly basis, the default would be assuming it's more monsters. Second, you'd think then that would mean there'd be some kind of bear chimera at any point, but there's not. There's only one chimera ever shown.

Speaking of which, they spend the whole episode pretending it's Belo's kidnapped friend. It's even dressed in the same clothes. But then it turns out that it was just I guess the german shepherd and some random other dude who coincidentally happened to wear the same clothes. And then, at the end of it, with their one chimera encounter being a feral werewolf monster that ran berserk, they open the cages of the rest and just go "Hey, we're cool. Go out into the world and… you know, do whatever comes naturally." Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but I'm pretty sure that there would be a bunch of negative reprecussions letting a pack of semi-feral monster animal-human hybrids out into the middle of a city. I haven't even mentioned the wacky friend either, who popped up out of nowhere just to go "You saved me! You must be a good guy! DIIIIEEEEE MURDERER!" Are there two writers here, feuding yet both getting to do every other page of the script? 

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