BEM #06 — World Famous Incognito

September 1st, 2019


…They were using their real names and were world famous, why did we gasp on the reveal?

Just for the record, the reason this is so late and eventually the 'simulcast' version is because the already normally very late Japanese broadcast was delayed even further and as far as I can see, still MIA because of it.


Another episode that feels half-baked. The twists, particularly that the kid was actually the one with super powers, were all blindingly obvious yet massively drawn out, and the ending just made no sense. The girl goes nuclear, and then we cut away to the protagonists apparently having totally given up on protecting her anymore and are just going to watch her get carted off back to the lab to be experimented on and/or tortured. The lesson here apparently being that humans are dicks? I'm honestly not sure. I miss when the scripts in this show were relatively solid and the monster design was nonsense.

Speaking of which, they spent most of the wrapup period trying to sell that a press release accusing a time traveling fugitive spaceman going by his real name, who kidnapped a super powered girl from a military base, also using her real name was a master stroke of genius. This was a better plan than just showing up at the circus why? Or sending more than one Mr T wannabe? Why was there even press release saying he was a mass murderer without sending anybody to, you know, arrest him? Are circuses like embassies in this world? That might explain the first ever anime clown that wasn't evil.

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