The Abandoned Sacred Beasts #08 — Siren Song

August 19th, 2019


A music-based episode that isn't infected with idol crap?


I genuinely have to wonder if this episode was written by someone who was given the general premise, but hadn't watched any of the rest. This mythical author also probably also took a writing class at some point, a true rarity for Japanese media. Which is my backhanded way of saying that this week's episode was handled fairly deftly on the dramatic front since it had some actual nuance, but sticks out like a sore thumb against everything that the show keeps trying to push, but especially everything having to do with the beasties going insane and being unstoppable killing machines. Seems to me that after eight episodes, we're already up to three of these monsters who were pretty blameless (outside of the mass slaughter during war), and most of the ones that went insane were pretty genocidal to begin with.

Not wholly deftly though, as I doubt that even Schaal took the lesson here about humanity being the real monster, and Blondie certainly didn't. That's the denouement that it was really lacking that Dororo's similar spider woman episode did have. Being clear to the audience while the characters remain in blithe ignorance just makes me wonder if that really was the intention or just a happy accident. I also have to wonder what the hell they were talking about when they kept saying that people were worried about there being another war. Wasn't there a revolution just last week, where you lost most of your land to maurading monsters? Does that not count as a war? I guess not.

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