Symphogear XV #09 — In Celebration of Old Men

August 31st, 2019


This season keeps going in the worst directions at every turn.


As I sat down to watch this episode, I thought to myself, "You know what? I hope it brings back Fine. That would at least remind me of the old days and we could perhaps think of this godawful season as them simply stepping through all the past seasons as a retrospective." That was aiming too high. This episode was all about how great all the dads in the show have been. Yes, how great they've been. How awesome Hibiki's neglectful dad was, and the whole Tsubasa clan of males is just so much better at everything than everybody else. It was sort of amusing in the first season when Genjuro was training them, and then whipped out that he could punch a boulder. Now we have Tsubasa jobbing to her grandfather, who rips off his shirt as he madly cackles about his overwhelming power, revealing a body that wouldn't be out of place as a joke on that bodybuilding show this season, and I'm forced to question that what I thought was good natured goofy fun four years ago was taken by the current creators as seriousness.

But it doesn't stop there, because the sole thing that they pretend actually matters (but most assuredly doesn't) was said bodybuilding 80 year old abandoning all the magic, all the swords, all the suplexing people through buildings from fifty feet in the air to pull out a little handgun. That's how you could tell that it was a serious moment and he was a REAL antagonist, when he ascended to the might of Gun-Haver. All so Tsubasa's dad could jump in and get shot. I guess he's not allowed to rip off his shirt and reveal oiled pectorals. Really made the most of Tsubasa's brainwashing arc to run away for approximately two minutes and fix it with a slap and a pistol not five minutes later. Even the animation took a noticeable dip this week. Just bring back Fine, Dr Evil, and Dead Mom so we can get every single stupid thing from the past four seasons in and be done with this abomination.


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