Symphogear XV #06 — Responsible Motorist Behavior

August 10th, 2019


Even for recent Symphogear seasons, this episode was full of nothing.


Boy, did this episode go from bad to worse in a hurry. The vast majority of it was just plain boring, everybody just standing around giving status updates. Some pissing over the giant blood stain, then the reveal that it wasn't a protagonist, followed by a flashback showing that it was exactly who everyone thought it was all along. I'm not sure there was a way to salvage themselves out of that corner in any decent way after getting themselves there though. Maybe if the blood puddle had come from the devil girl being shot or stabbed. That would at least have subverted expectations in the slightest.

And speaking of which, what on goddamned earth was anybody thinking with that chase scene? Car ninjitsu? Are you having a go with me with that? And wasn't this supposed to be the redeemable more pacifist of the antagonists? Guess not, because here she is killing a bunch of dudes and firing high ordinanaces into a crowded highway. Why's this even happening on a highway? I thought to myself "Okay, it's the somewhat-future and these could all be self-driving cars, thus the previous issue isn't a problem, and it makes sense that everyone's just merrily cruising along, completely ignoring the random girls and explosions all around them." Then they went out of their way to show that the cars are being driven by regular people, shocked to find someone's ass suddenly filling their field of view, cloaked in infernal hellfire in every direction. These are stoic and responsible motorists though, so honk honk full speed ahead everyone stay perfectly in their lanes so we can all converse at ease. Yes, that is probably a relatively petter complaint to make about what was only a two-minute half-assed-for-this-show action sequence, but the hell else was going on with the rest of the episode? Tsubasa having a trigger word? 

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