Symphogear XV #05 — Bath and Karaoke Break Time

August 3rd, 2019


Yeah, that's what the show needed.


In my dream world, the end of last episode that I thought might be promising would lead to a Civil War-esque change of the status quo. Split and mix up both the faction along the lines of "do the right thing" and "follow orders." Put them not only into actual conflict with each other, but provide both sides with an actual challenge to face instead of constantly curbstomping the poor antagonists. Instead, it was a pause, reset back to the previous status quo at the start of episode 4, and introduction followed by subsequent murder of some random ridiculous guy literally blushing and squirming in orgasmic glee at getting to watch someone being stabbed. It almost makes me miss Dr. Evil and his stupid faces, but not quite. Okay, we'll have to wait until next week to see that he's the source of the corny blood geyser that the episode ended on, but it sure as hell isn't going to be either of the protagonists. 

The rest of it was banal even for the series's banal filler stuff, and I'll remind you that even at its best in the first season, the highlight was the weirdass Tsubasa walking animation that someone forgot to fully animate. "Go… do karaoke and take a bath or something. We don't care." And so that's what they did. And then Miku… because of course it's Miku… threw a tantrum about people not caring enough about people's feelings, which just devolved into the two of them whine-shouting back and forth about who cared about caring the most. Someone needs to slap a brat, and I think at this point, the brat is all of them.


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  • jgoi says:

    Please let that blood geyser come from miku, one of these girls needs to die. You don’t keep raising the threat level but make the protagonists and their “yuri subtext” immune to serious loss.