Bug Eyed MIA

August 4th, 2019


Just a quick note that apparently BEM's off this week and next, rerunning episodes 2 and 3 instead. The fourth episode was apparently about a fire monster or arson or something and needs to be… changed… due to recent tragedies. I briefly considered one last hurrah for The Ones Within, but its two-part episode of an 'evil oni kidnapping and killing girls' was actually making them be maids. And then someone gave them a stern talking to which Set Them Straight. All this was leading up to the shocking reveal that the dude who said "Not every family loves each other" came from a family that didn't love him. He was aghast in shock when someone had that insight. Yeah… no.

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  • Desty says:

    A shame, but it’s not the first time an anime episode has to be pulled and remade due to tragic events. I do believe that some animators are now working their asses off trying to change the episode in a weeks time to make it socially acceptable. I expect all animators on this show to be pulling 80 hours+ workweeks for some time to catch up for the time lost changing episode 4. Hopefully the quality drop will not be too severe.