Bem #05 — So Anyway, Here’s My Backstory

August 25th, 2019


The writing for this show really fell off a cliff. Well… a second cliff.


Chalk another bit of evidence up for last week's episode being totally (and badly) redone because this one was back to the usual middling animation quality. I don't have any excuse for the script though. At best, you could call this a setup episode, but that's still no excuse for all the repetition and quite frankly idiotic new character. He's the very transparently corrupt and about 95% also a monster dude brought in to capture the protagonists, so of course, the first thing he does is order the entire police force to ignore a monster rampaging through the streets, killing hundreds because it's not his target. Keep in mind also that about 75% of what they know so far is that the trio keeps appearing whenever there's a monster around, so yeah, everything about this plan, and the cops shrugging their shoulders and sending one inept moron to go check things out makes zero sense. And that's not even taking into account the kid from episode three going up to the cop and telling her that they need to fight the Illuminati, and then vanishes again from the episode and none of that ever comes up again.

Meanwhile, Vacuum Man spills his deal in virtually his first line of the episode. People are garbage, they need to be cleaned. Okay, got it. He's a crazy half-man half-vacuum cleaner. I don't think we need anything further on this, but let's take a timeout to delve deep into his backstory about how he lived in garbage and decided people were garbage and they need to be cleaned. Yeah, that's right. We got his mission statement, and then we got the exact same mission statement a second time, but with helpful flashback visuals. And the next time he appeared, he was summarily put down again. Glad we spent all that time on him.


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