BEM #04 — Low Voltage

August 18th, 2019


Was the dust dude really killed by a vacuum man at the end? Really?


Oh, hey, look what's finally back after its two week break to redo this episode after the Kyoto tragedy. I think it's pretty likely that the Benimaru knockoff was fire-themed in the episode's original form. The 'action' portion of the episode was also a massive drop in animation quality from previous episodes. There were tons of strange cuts all over the place to avoid showing characters actually getting hit by attacks, or even using attacks, but mostly just pretty poorly animated. Hopefully it's just an artifact from redoing the episode in two weeks, but I fear it's probably not.

This was also the show's first episode after finishing all its main character introductions, and maybe it's because of the production issues, but it came off pretty fillerish since everyone just bumbled around until the monster of the week attacked the idiot police woman. Not even really a plot/story of the week. No new characters or anything. Just a serial killer monster of the week that they showed up for 2/3 of his on-screen victims… so not even anything about tracking him down or investigating him. Maybe it was supposed to introduce that there was the mad scientist dude up to… whatever he's up to… but we already knew that, and he was only around for about sixty seconds of tinkering in his lab anyway. So… it's just what they said previous episode and pre-OP of this one then? …Yeah, like I said, very filler/time wasting. Probably should've just cut their losses and binned the episode entirely rather than try to salvage it.

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  • Desty says:

    Well, I’d be inclined to cut the developers some slack since they had to change the episode on a very short notice. I do fear that some of the later episodes will suffer in quality due to the time lost to changing episode 4. The next episodes 5 and 6 may have been almost finished by the time the Kyoanim fire broke out so they may escape a loss of quality, but to be certain this show does not have a big budget to begin with so animation was always going to be a bit cheap. This show was never going to have Kimetsu no Yaiba level of animation quality to begin with.