Symphogear XV #04 — Friends Forever!

July 27th, 2019


I don't even remember what Saint-Germaine ever did.

Sorry. Didn't intend to be this late. I did watch it earlier, but decided I'd rather nap than write, which is a preview to how the rest of this post will go.


First, I think the final five seconds is probably the most promising thing in this season, and I'm pretty certain that "blowing up SONG or turning them heel" is one of the precise things I listed at some point as a way they could upset the status quo. Of course, it remains to be seen if they're actually going to do that, and it was just about five seconds of the episode. The rest was pretty much the same generic filler that the last couple seasons have been, except maybe the writers gave up even more than usual. The last antagonist got to do her thing, which was bounce he boobs and talk about wanting to not murder everyone, which you'd think would be at odds with her compatriots' laissez faire approach to mass murder, and it's certainly not a deal breaker in her friends for her, but who am I to judge? Hibiki is also apparently pretty uncaring about the literal mountain of corpses in their wake.

And speaking of corpses, the dumb "oh no we're doomed, wait, no, we're not" moment of the week got especially weird. S-G's ghost came out of nowhere to go "Hey, remember me? I was in the other season," which gave Hibiki the power to believe in herself extra hard and unlock the new costume for the season. I'm going to assume that it's because they were able to get her VA to come back, but not Kanade's. Or maybe they lost Kanade's design. Or forgot she existed. All seem depressingly likely. It wasn't even a good excuse either. They trapped them in some kind of card house and spent the next few minutes expositing about how this was a super special interdimensional card house until the ghosts of antagonists past showed up. And once again, I feel like a lunatic typing that out.

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  • arekusu says:

    Seems like this show is good. I’ve only seen the first two season. I might get back in watching this.