BEM #02 — Strike Turkey

July 21st, 2019


Bowling words.


Well, it was certainly better than the other Sunday show, and it tried for kind of a twist ending, but… man, the bowling monster was just so so goddamned awful that it's mystifying that they would go with it. This is the kind of thing you're supposed to incinerate when you move from goofy slapstick nonsense to serious drama, along with the ridiculous twisted rage faces. What is it with Japanese media and everyone become a cariacature of evil the very moment someone points out that they told a lie at any point? Is it a Phoenix Wright thing? It seems like that's where I should lay the blame for it becoming as prevalent as it's become.

The bowling monster's presence is almost enough to make you forget all the other weird-ass nonsense that went into the resolution of the episode. Apparently some random teenager got a bowling monster to murder one of her friends for no reason other than she hates nice people. The bowling monster then went into hibernation for 10 years until it came back out of hiding to kill another friend. In the end, if I heard that right, nobody even cared about the second murder. The cops finally got around to putting her in jail for the first murder because they interviewed her friends, who told them that the woman swore them to secrecy when the murdered girl went missing, and I guess that's all the evidence we need. Couldn't we have had the cop lady overhear her confessing instead?

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One Lonely Comment

  • Desty says:

    The Bowling monster was a bit strange but this is a reboot of an older series, and I am not familiar with the previous version of this franchise. I believe it was more of a monster of the week kind of show, so the studio felt they had to put in a monster to slay even though the story didn’t need it? Anyway I felt this was a better episode than the first one. Will probably keep watching this one.