Dorororororo #16 — Jaws

April 29th, 2019


Super creative header tagline.


Why are all these two parters now? They find a shark dude, he tries to kill them with a shark, they defeat it, so he swears shark vengeance. Sure, you say, we've could've skipped all the bobbing on the water and the child striptease scenes and fit all this into a single episode, but then we wouldn't have had… the child striptease scenes. Yes, scenes. Plural. Is this an improvement over the last month and a half apologia for mass murder, dismemberment, and torture? I'm going to say probably not because the animators got off easy this week with only having to deal with some shark half-assed nomming/bobbing menacingly. Also, these are well-trained sharks, as smart as dogs. Because apparently you can train sharks, I guess?

If you're going to do the whole Jaws thing, then let's go full Jaws, guys. Come on. Drop some explosives in its mouth. Have someone say they need a bigger boat. Homage the hell out of it. What was the big plan instead that inspired the troops and invoked the heroic spirit of her father? She'd lure it into jumping out of the water so they could stab it. Your plan is terrible and you should feel terrible, but luckily, she has protagonist power and the ability to jet around with preternatural agility in the water, as well as teleport from the mouth to the snout. Either that, or the director decided to half-ass the supposed climax to the episode.

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  • catsB says:

    was this eps apologia any better? I mean the bandit gang may have come to an end eventually but this guy was the one most responsible for Dororo’s family being dead. plus we got that flashback where they poor hot food into Dororo’s moms hands because edge and now Dororo’s all buddy buddy frenemies with the guy as if their beef is highschool level drama.