Release the Spyce #10 — Oh No! The Betrayal!

December 8th, 2018


It manages to underwhelm even low expectations.


Again, my expectations were too high, and not just because it frittered away half the goddamned episode on yet more girls-on-a-date crap. Hell, put them on actual dates. Put them into the clearly unhealthy relationships to deal with existing in a world of secret cannibal rapists lurking everywhere that you just like to tease at as the glory of friendship. *ahem* Anyway, they picked a rando on the team to be the 'traitor.' I guess they could still underwhelm if Mei really is a traitor and just happens to be carting the entire team into the enemy stronghold because where else would you put your arch rivals? Or a superficial fleshwound followed by dropping them in the water? Well, I guess since she dropped a tiny explosive in the area, that must've been serious. Lord knows they had all the gasping and screams like it was. It would be about as satisfying a direction as the entire thing with Hatsume and Who's-It, which keeps getting dropped further and further until it's just something that I guess is (not) happening off-screen now. 

It still compares favorably to the robot army which showed up and then spent about six straight minutes standing around. Every now and then, they'd cut back to someone to show a pile of dismantled robots, but I'm not sure we actually saw them move at any point before Hanzo jobbed to one, also with screaming, dramatic music swells, and bawling. Honestly, it probably would've been better had they dropped a building on them or something. It can pretend all this was shocking and for realsies, but the show has at no point shown that it has the balls for that, and I fully expect virtually all of this to be taken back next week. The worst part is that let's say they don't and all this was for realsies. I don't think that would even be any better at this point. The bed's already been wet. You can't get the pee back into the bladder. Just… do something corny and over the top to end things, preferably not in a power of friendship vein. My vote, the big bad is actually an alien who wants to blow up the moon, so they teleport to her homeworld and get hooked on space spyce. I guarantee that's better than whatever it actually has planned.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kitsu says:

    I´ll prefer if they just had sex already,
    it will be honestly than they friendship anyway.

    • Aroduc says:

      These days, I’m hard pressed to name too many anime that wouldn’t be improved if they’d just bone and move on.

      • kenuran says:

        Yeah. Mei selling everyone out because Fu wouldnt put out would be a much better motive for betrayal.

  • Neclord X says:

    Do not confirm bleeding archnemesis on the floor, do not confirm archnemesis that fell into the wáter is dead, keep alive the rest of archnemesis and bring them to your base…
    Still, the thing that made me mad the most is the perfectly functional eye…that’s my second most hated trope in anime.

    • kenuran says:

      Yeah basically the whole purpose of Yuki’s closed eye this whole time was just sell a flashback episode. Eight episodes in.

      Real cool yo.

  • kenuran says:

    This episode was just such a disappointment after the traitor reveal. Its bad enough that Mei’s motive for selling everyone out was pretty much random, but then the action is almost completely skipped over. You don’t even get see how Yuki double-dosing on Spyce actually makes her stronger(or hurts her). Unless they just using that to show that it saved her from dying from getting slashed cause it made her tougher or some BS. At the same time though, Yuki waving her deathflag about Momo raising her own student could mean she’s actually dead but then that just means she just got drugged up, did nothing too important and died.

    “Just… do something corny and over the top to end things, preferably not in a power of friendship vein.”

    Yea, i still feel like my scenario of the double agent thing (now with Mei) i mentioned a couple weeks ago could still happen. I mean, they already mentioned in this episode how Tsukikage’s handler is basically a former CIA agent, the tiger girl is still around to help and they already have a way around the whole suicide juice thing Mei took with since they already captured Teresia once and figured it out. I mean the bad guys were stupid enough to SKIP CONFIRMING THE “KILLS” AND THROW THE CAPTURED ENEMIES, UNRESTRAINED, UN-STRIPPED, WITH THEIR WEAPONS RIGHT NEXT TO THEM, IN THE BACK OF A TRUCK.

  • ark noir says:

    No I’m gonna praise the twist because if it was anyone else in the group, it would of sucked explanation and all. With this character they had no decent backstory to call on and that shes a free spirit meant that when it went all ‘pete tong'(cockney rhyme)with the girls playing ninja, the girl gave zero F’s and conducted herself in that way with her future actions. Lass was giving off some CM Punk levels of douche with the promos and heel moves.