The Girl in Twilight #06 — Waterworld

November 5th, 2018


Boy, these people are imbeciles.


Man, when you start out by saying how everybody in this particular world is kept isolated on islands, have every aspect of their lives controlled by Skynet, and their other selves have been inexplicably disappeared, we're not exactly going to extreme lengths to hide that it's a dystopia. So, of course, it comes as a complete shock to the entire group, including the two ostensibly serious business characters. Again, I'd much rather be watching their adventures hopping through different worlds, beating things up, rather than this pack of absolute tits. Word choice intentional.

Weirdly, though, this may be the first arc where the focused-on character comes out better for it, as she's the only one who digs into the world at all. Everyone else steals a credit card and becomes addicted to online shopping and Instagram. Not joking. In less than an afternoon, they turn into cackling, obsessed lunatics. It's probably meant to be commentary on addiction to phones, I guess? They sort of toss out that there are weird symbols that may be brainwashing people, except that I guess some of them are simply immune, so maybe not? It feels like it wanted to do both the managed humanity and the brainwashing route, and as always, splitting the difference and commiting to neither leaves it flailing. Are they passive sheep lulled into inactivity, or cackling mad shopaholics? Why not both! Because that's stupid, writers.


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  • anise_punter says:

    less entertaining swimsuit episode than gridman in all respects

    will probably still be much better than the swimsuit kirara cheerleading episode you know is coming