SSSS Gridman #06 — The Shipping Episode

November 10th, 2018


Or perhaps the stalking one.


Not exactly the most exciting of episodes. It is a little welcome to have some action that isn't plasticy CGI robots clomping around or just Gridman one-shotting the monster of the week with his new transformation. Maybe they ran out of toys and accessories. It'd be even better if it lasted more than about three attacks, one flashback, and gave the speedlines a damn rest.

I suppose it also moves things forward as the cast is finally figuring out their enemies, along with a bunch of nonsense about how the entire world may be a construct, or just the city, or it's all a sim etc etc whatever whatever. The problem is, at best, that it's been teased for so long, it's done with no fanfare, both with Akane just deciding "Hey, go kill him," and then on the good guy side, quite literally explained point blank with weird music and PS1 graphics by the Exposition Alien Of The Week. All of the 'tense' dates also end on everyone shrugging and going their separate ways before Anti practically trips over someone else entirely. Furthermore, it doesn't actually change much of anything. Akane and Anti have already been trying to murder everyone around them. Now they're going to… try to murder everyone around them, but this time it's slightly more personal.

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