The Girl in Twilight #05 — Peace Through Superior Firepower

October 29th, 2018


I don't feel like anybody learned a lesson here.


What on earth was this episode? The heel turn for the sheriff was almost like a joke. They could've just gone with him doing a means to an end thing or 'necessary' corruption to better serve justice, and that's sure the way that it seemed like they were going. Then it's time for the asspull conspiracy reveal and the two of them are happily discussing how great it is to murder teenagers and how much they're going to profit from it. You overshot by juuuust a little bit, guys.

And then there's Girl Tex's epiphany, or rather, the complete lack of one. She spends the entire episode standing on the sidelines. Even after it's revealed that her mentor is all on board with child murder, she continues to just sit there. It's not until he transforms into a literal monster that she declares "that's not real strength" and proceeds to shoot him in the face with overwhelming firepower. So… that is real strength then? Might makes right? You didn't stand up for your friends at any point before this. Also, what the hell was wedding girl doing? Did she forget that she can transform too? She could've at least jobbed to make the fight feel like less of a one-sided stomp.

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