Sirius the Who? #12 — Invulnerable Except for the Glowing Weak Spot

September 27th, 2018


Why were any of those people even there? What happened to the army of vampires on the airship?


What an appropriately terrible end to this terrible show. The Alpha-Vampire gives a big speech about how he's the most alpha-est now, and demonstrates it by killing a random underling. He then threatens to kill the surviving sadistic murderer vampire kid, which scares her. This would be what they try to pass off as her face turn arc because she spends the rest of the episode sitting in a corner whimpering while Yuliy and pals talk about how much they need to protect her. Meanwhile, the ark transforms ol' Whose-Its into a berserk super form with regeneration powers… that immediately start failing. Luckily, Big Bro can fly too, and just rips the ark out of the guys face. Fun vampire anatomy fact, the mouth connects directly to the eye, apparently. The rest of the episode is spent angsting around about the heroic sacrifices made. Like, literally. Staring off into the wasteland, sighing. That's how it ends. With a magical sparkle in his eye because I guess that's where he stuck the MacGuffin too.

Final Thoughts:

What a mess of a show. Occasionally, it could be visually exciting, but the writing was atrocious. It had a large cast but virtually none of them were important let alone had any kind of arc or development, it regularly forgot what characters had shown up for what scenes, especially at the end, the central arc between Yuliy and his family crap never amounted to more than him having a tantrum about being kept out of the loop regarding a random MacGuffin, and everything revolved around a quite literal MacGuffin that didn't even really do anything or serve any point. It sort of powered up one vampire… but not really. All the buildup, episodes upon episodes about how super MacGuffiny it was, and that was all it was or did. Give me a break. Yuliy didn't come of age. The rest of the cast needn't bothered to show up. Lord knows that the antagonists basically didn't. Half the episodes ended with the same cliffhanger. Whatever they were hoping to accomplish, they fell drastically short.

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