Planet With #11 — Meanwhile…

September 16th, 2018


Trying to re-climax the story in the eleventh hour goes about as well as you might expect it to.


I think the weirdest part is how they dedicated an entire massive info dump to how we should feel sorry for the racist genocidal dragon. Really, he's just misunderstood and needs to be told that he's forgiven and is welcome back to the fold. You would think if that's the lesson they were going for, they would've had the villain not been a racist genocidal nutjob, but that might require plotting out the entire story in advance and remembering that you wrote your villain to be Draco-Hitler, which is clearly not happening.  

Aaaand, that's about it for the episode. We don't even get to the dragon until about 19 minutes in, and all it does is spew out some smaller dragons which are immediately killed by the peanut gallery. Most of the episode is consumed with doing a quick once over of what everyone's been up to during the time skip, and the answer is "not much." It's especially funny in the dragon's case because you'd think it would've been hidden or something, but no… There's a massive dragon corpse just sleeping on the moon that I guess we're not touching until it wakes up to resume its genocide. 

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