Planet With #09 — Hostage Situation

September 2nd, 2018


This was utter nonsense.


So, we start out by showing how 'being sealed' means having a dream where Whose-It finds peace with her partner's death that's been torturing her and admits that she cares deeply about Whose-His-Face. This is what's used as such a horrible fate that it has pushed Whose-His-Face over the edge, unlocked his super true ultra potential and now he'll just insta-lock the planet. Oh, did we mention that? For the first time in the entire show, 'sealing' the planet means not a temporary dream and makes them mature, but literally freezing everything. Except Souya. He has magic protagonist powers and is therefore unaffected apparently. So the alien ghost of his brother tells him that he'll help fix this if and only if he goes and kills the dragon. The planet being ransomed off is apparently just the kick in the pants Souya needed to decide "Hey, wait, I do care about things after all." Not anything in particular. Just things in general.

Yes, I do like to break out the sarcastic summary when it's hard to capture how dumb things are. Mosty, though, this episode brought back memories of Mushi Uta, and how it did a similar thing but about 782 times more effectively. Power and freedom that will kill you, or imprisonment and order in hopes of one day fixing it. They did it by actually showing that both sides have a point, while this is content to be stuck in the one dimensional "yelling that you care about things is good" trope. The main character gives a goddamned speech about it to the world, complete with a "clap if you believe in reality" moment. Christ. 

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