HaruKana Receive #12 — …And?

September 21st, 2018


Boy, we're just not going to try for a finale at all, huh?


I might've respected if they tried to pull some kind of dramatic pissiness out of the blondes losing to a pair of widgets like the main two, but it doesn't even have the stones for that. Just another episode where they white noise over the volleyball, grumble a little bit about how there's only one winner in volleyball, and then everyone "yay friendship!"s for the billionith time and the series comes to an anticlimactic end. Even the main pair winning seems like the stupidest possible way to end it. Had Kanata lost, they could've at least made a case for it being the culmination of her character growth, that losing one time no longer sends her into a crippling spiral of self-loathing but now she plays for friendship, volleyball, and whatnot. And if they needed to inject the pair back in to the nationals for another season or whatever, I'm sure some manner of contrivance is easily arranged. But there's not even that. It just peters out with no closure or resolution to anything. Show's over. They keep playing volleyball. The (not) end.

Final Thoughts:

It seemed harmless enough at the start, but it's clear that the show ran out of ideas after the first month, and Kanata spontaneously learning not to be such a dour stick in the mud was the only dramatic trick it had in its bag, and that was much ado about jack squat. Nobody else even pretends to have any kind of even episodic character arc or growth. On the sport side, once it exhausted the volleyball basics, it wasn't too interested in anything but montages, so again, after about a month, it had run out of anything to say or do, resulting into about two straight months of episodes that blended together into not much more than "yay friendship!"

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    Needs men and scenes of those men jackhammering the same face girls.

  • anise_punter says:

    I found the show pretty enjoyable when you had the two super energetic girls being silly and overall having fun with their chosen activity – but they took all that away in the last three episodes for ‘serious business’ and it really didn’t work at all. We liked Haruka because she was fun, let Haruka be fun.