Cells at Work #10 — Meet the Macro

September 8th, 2018


Now I have "Do You Believe in Magic" stuck in my head.


Another episode of "The writers really have given up, huh?" The best I can say is that it kind of reminded me of that old TF2 Meet the Pyro thing. They could've done something like that. They could've done some kind of sentai parody with the staph turning huge. They could've made the direction of the episode a little less obvious and frankly, stupid. They didn't do any of that though. About ten minutes of random montage, interspersed with the not-pyro acting goofy. The staph just glows and combines. The not-pyro who was the focus of the first half conveniently vanishes. How ever will it be defeated? Not by the art quality, that's for damned sure. It's never been great, but this week was especially terrible. The macrophages didn't even do anything special to beat it. They just walked up with large bludgeoning weapons and hit it, in case you forgot that was their joke first shown over two months ago.


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  • ark noir says:

    bloody hell, yet again did that one red cell meet the whi………never mind! Problem is you have to compare this to osmosis jones which was made nearly 15 years ago and vastly superior doing the same thing.