Planet With #08 — Flashback Catchup

August 26th, 2018


I think the writers needed another pass on this one. Or three.


Let's recap… Whose-Her-Face's backstory was especially nonsensical, on top of being worked into the story with the super organic "Why don't we take a bath and you have a flashback." You see, her partner was killed by some kid who picked up a gun and felt like it made him invincible. Therefore, she's going to use the power she stumbled upon to remake the entire world. Also, apparently the dragon juju was just a placebo and the true power. Why not just have Whose-Her-Face2 use that hypnosis for something other than comic relief and manipulate these clowns? And then there's the 'cliffhanger' that the dragon isn't actually dead yet, which you'd think Souya would have some kind of reaction too, but nah, still in his permanent funk because he finished everything by killing the dragon. That's right. He doesn't care that the dragon's not dead because the dragon's dead. Irony is dead.

And then there's the whole bit with the hypnosis lady just running around being a petty jackass for no discernable reason whatsoever. Well, the reason is because they needed something for the muggle girl to stomp her foot at and throw a little tantrum, but they couldn't even come up with any kind of inspiring speech for that, so here's an extended riff on hallucinating boobs, brought to you by a heretofore unseen narrator. It's funny because they overexplained it. Uh huh. Have you heard of this thing called anime, writers of Planet With? Overexplaining things is all it goddamned does. 

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