Planet With #07 — Contact

August 19th, 2018


Whatever you say, magical interdimensional space hallucination.


I can't say that this episode accomplished the necessary goal of laying down whatever's supposed to come next. I'm not entirely certain just what exactly it thought it was doing to be honest. He's going to fight with the people he already beat? But this time, without the power of a god dragon? And… this is going to be a struggle? The whole first half was a flashback to Ginko's past as the secret maid princess of some planet Souya's people invaded just prior to the whole dragon affair. But… that's about the start and end of the new information there, unless you count a long speech on how racism and genocide are bad things. You'd think we'd be able to safely assume the audience would be on board with that, but who knows these days. Mostly, it reminded me of the 'happy' end to Darling in the Franxx and how idiotic its celebration of wanton genocide was. 

Maybe it's supposed to establish that Souya's supposed to be the key by believing in friendship or love or whatever, but if that's the case, they've got an assload of work to do on creating some kind of relationship with somebody… unless, of course, they're just going to give a power of friendship speech and not bother with that, but a Japanese show would never do that. Speaking of which, the second half does establish that Seal Team 3 is still bumming around and wants to do their sealing thing anyway. Souya's also hallucinating supposed aliens from another dimension in the form of his brother. They still haven't established why this would be a bad thing though, and everyone just goes shambling off because they don't feel like actually doing anything about it just yet, which means episodes in the future where everyone gets their grooves back! What joy.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Just in case nobody was aware of cheesy this show was, this episodes kicks in with intergalactic maid princess, school panty showing, more cheesy psychic powers, new antagonists recycled from the last bunch, and the lol dog general somehow sealing a dragon that just destroyed a planet (how did it destroy the planet? with its fart? it is so poorly animated that things just explode in his path). I suppose nobody was taking this show seriously but damn this was awful.

  • Oesm says:

    So, uh…not gonna cover Venture Brothers?

    • Aroduc says:

      I thought about it, even after skipping covering the previous season. The last time I covered it was a pretty ugh season. The weird broadcast with the first two episodes out early (fairly decent ones though), and then a pretty awful third episode have kept me pretty lukewarm on covering it though.