Planet With #06 — Racist Dragon Cops

August 12th, 2018


Always the racist dragons.


I wonder if this series was originally meant to be an OVA. This episode fairly well wraps things up completely, which is a bit weird considering that we're only at episode 6. Not that there's anything wrong with a six episode arc, but they're not usually this… conclusive? I mean, I don't like concentrating on the endings to episodes, but all the widgets have been collected, the main baddie disintegrated, and all quests complete, so it's not very clear where things go from here. But on the other hand, it was another fairly action packed episode and after six episodes, we've completed a genuine arc. Certain other shows this season are still grappling with the concept of episodes. It's practically bliss that the content is a little weird or off rather than repetition, core structural issues, or the writers not bothering to try at all be the problems.

Not that the writing was making any more sense or they stopped with the weird cutaways to deliver straight up lectures about how the baddie is actually the reincarnation of a dragon who used to be part of the space police, but had to be space drawn and space quartered due to latent racist genocidal tendencies. Not joking. That's its backstory. Still not my favorite awful writing moment though. That would go to the peanut gallery declaring "It's all over now, right?" at the start of the episode, apparently slipping their minds for the moment that their boss exists, still with his own vial of dragon chunks, literally exploding over their heads. The grunt fest to win the beam-off that was the climactic moment comes in a distant third. 


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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I felt the same way. The show feels completely wrapped, with no hint of what’s to come.

    In contrast, Happy Sugar Life in as many episodes is still introducing crazy characters to be CWAZY!