Planet With #05 — Stall and Delay

August 5th, 2018


So glad the entire peanut gallery is showing up to gawk every single episode.


A disjointed mess of an episode. The first half was centered on the muggle girl. Her absence has been blessed, and they still don't really seem to know what they're doing with her. I suppose she's probably meant to be the token normal girl connection to the normal world, but they haven't cared to establish why that would matter or shown that Souya has any particular desire for the normal world instead of the other stuff, so she just eats up time without purpose. The only part of the first half that had any real point is showing that Whose-Its really did have his dreams or emotions or something (it's still not really clear) removed by having lost to the inner thingy. Even that's not really totally clear that it was particularly bad though. Hell, they barely established that it's not something that wouldn't have happened on its own in a few weeks or months if the dude ever realized he was being an obnoxious prat.

The second half wasn't as abysmal, but it also decided that its climax was going to come next week. All the more egregious because the fight 'started' with still about two or three minutes left in the episode. It then spent the rest of the time monologuing. When they finally attack, they cut away to monologue up another cliffhanger featuring the two antagonists, who had not appeared once in the entire episode to this point, having their own little power struggle for the same clifhanger as the other one. 

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