A Jaeger? Seriously? #08 — Daddy Issues Part Two

August 30th, 2018


Drink every time anybody says "father" or "ark".


Even for this show, this was a particularly boring, dry, expository episode with the now obligatory half-assed cliffhanger of an antagonist popping up out of nowhere, no doubt to wander off at the start of next week so his brother can do that. Yuliy spends most of the episode having coffee with Some Dude, whose point in the story thus far is to drive him from one place to the next. Mikhail takes a dip in the vampire Lazarus Pit, but he doesn't have enough Protagonist in him to unlock the Full Potential Of Sirius Power™. Everyone else sits at home, grumbling. Yawn. 

Do something, god damn it. It's eight episodes in. Take the fight to them for the first goddamned time. Have there be some kind of plot movement that isn't "Yuliy feels sorry for himself." Spend an episode NOT standing around a table yammering incessantly with a pained look on your face. Especially if all you have is an almost literal macguffin ark thing and dropping some pretty boys in a magic pool so they can grunt and groan and fight against the darkness within them for what you're trying to build up to.

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