Planet With #04 — Five Hour Energy

July 29th, 2018


Why was Nezuya in this episode again?


All the Nezuya stuff is just as inexplicable and unconnected to anything else this week as it was last week, and the central dramatic whining from the girls would've been a lot stronger had their backstory not been quite so insipidly insubstantial "BUT MY FRIENDSHIP," or even better yet, skipped the backstory entirely and just focused on current events. Also, slapping her to snap her out of it would've been way more satisfying than just another yelling of "BUT OUR FRIENDSHIP!" And every time a character in an anime announces how this totally is or isn't something as cliche as a manga/anime/visual novel, another part of me dies inside. Also, the Five Hour Energy power up thing was just plain awful. Either lean into the gag entirely or just make up some overclocked systems or something. Now I fear a Popeye-like gimmick every fight to come.

*ahem* Those things aside, and they weren't showstopper issues, it was probably the strongest episode of the show to date. It organically had Whose-Its gradually losing control and becoming a city exploding dragon. Everyone realized it immediately and joined forces to fight it. No muss, no fuss. It's hardly shocking that using dragon power turns you into a dragon as well, and we thankfully didn't get a long winded explanation of that in the middle either, although the dumbass friendship flashback interrupting things ain't winning any awards either. Hell, characters on their own even figured that out and want out now that they know the whole story.  

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  • Anonymous says:

    This show vaguely remind me an old anime that I used to watch as a kid, Samurai Pizza cat.