Planet With #03 — Dream Exposition Sequence

July 22nd, 2018


There's even a damn whiteboard.


This episode flips the script by shifting everything about three minutes and looping the action around to the start. A far better fight than last week too, aside from constantly yelling giga cat hammer. You can attack without yelling out a move, you know. But at least it meant he hit a plural number of punches, so well above the last fight. Souya is maturing as well, being a lot less yelly (out of combat at least) and not being a temperamental brat all the time. We'll see if it keeps up though. Less good was the corny dream exposition scene afterwards, or how Souya's revenge continues to not make much sense. It's revealed that the super powers are fragments of some kind of interstellar dragon that destroyed Souya's home planet, ergo he's desperate to get them back because… who knows. If he wanted to destroy them, that'd make sense, but it seems like they're trying to toe the line between him getting carried away with his need for revenge and strict pacifism and it's making a mess of his motivations.

Likewise, the 'character of the week' was split between two of them and it's not really clear what they were doing with either. The guy was just goofy the whole way, and the girl was all avengey and angry the whole way. They could've tied those together in the hallucination world thing, but he simply vanished when it began, so at best, it's one of their arcs half finished without actual resolution on any front, which is a terrible way to end an episode.

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  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Hey – whiteboards are fun! I love using them instead of a laptop and a projector. With a whiteboard I can change what I intend to say on the fly in response to the reactions that I get from the audience…. lol