Planet With #02 — Sonic and Judo

July 15th, 2018


Can we shut up about the meat yet?


Ditching the entire school side and the muggle girl was a good move, as was rounding out the maid's character a little bit. They could've definitely handled some of the info dumps a lot more gracefully though, and the defeated character of the week was pretty obnoxious. The gist isn't that far off from Starcraft; one faction preaching the superiority of their species, one faction wanting to exterminate seal an entire planet to get rid of a few bad apples, and the third live and let live faction led by a naive clown who keeps winning despite himself. It's… sufficient, I suppose.

The writing on the smaller scale is still pretty awful though. Souya's revenge by depowering them and then cheerfully getting along with them is nonsensical at best, and the fights continue to suck above and beyond the CGI. A spins at C. B throws C. A spins at C again. A spins at C a third time. C punches A. Fight over, C's hardfought victory, completely obliterating his opponent the very first time he bothered to even move. And didn't we just sit through a long hallucination/flashback (?) about how she her dream was to be big and muscley? You'd think that'd transition to that failing her, or at the very least, her super form being big and muscley, not embracing speed quickness. It seems like such low hanging fruit yet it's left dangling. Or her hubris being her downfall (or getting her friend hurt). But no. Her downfall was that the hero remembered he could punch people. 

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