Full Metal Panic IV #10 — Cheesecake Episode

June 29th, 2018


Hurry up and do nothing. Some more.


This is making a very poor argument for continuing as the new season begins to dawn by having an episode that quickly resolved its cliffhanger crisis (although not as comically quick or awful as its last go round), and then settled in to pad out the remaining 17 or so minutes. That's really saying something for a show that has had multiple recap episodes before even hitting double digits. The entire middle is consumed by Tessa and Chidori reviewing the situation, having a generalized existential angst mope, and then stripping to their underwear to flounce around. Sousuke, meanwhile, is off getting his groove back… for the goddamned third time in this series so far.

It did, however, show us why the robot fighting has been so godawful. Attempts to animate anything else were astonishingly even worse. The animation quality this week was horrid, especially around Sousuke's basic training bits where it was just straight up missing frames or stuck in jerky loops. He doesn't vault obstacles, he just phases through them. No wonder they keep fleeing into boxy CGI lumbering around and Tessa's wedgied ass.

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