Full Metal Panic IV #08 — Fridge is Getting Crowded This Season

June 8th, 2018


I really need to stop giving anime writers any credit whatsoever.


The end of the big cliffhanger is… she just gets unceremoniously shot, and within three minutes, is totally forgotten from the remainder of the episode, and presumably, the show. What a fool I was in assuming that they wouldn't just go "Feh. Tired of her. GONE." This is how shows write out characters when there's a sudden contract dispute. Strong female characters. Natsuko, Nami, Naricia (or whatever her name was)… maybe we're just killing characters whose names start with N. Hey, that sort of works for Knife, Shadow too. Way to get on board with the trend, Caligula. Now Darling in the Franxx just needs to kill Nana and we'll have run the table. Also, this is a character who has been the singular focus for the last three episodes, and doesn't even get a mawkish look back as Sousuke passes out at the end. No, his thoughts are on Chidori. So why the hell were we glued at the hip to this girl for the last month? Literally the last conversation he had with her was "Hey, you're probably one of those Children of the Corn I keep finding myself stuck around," and that too is apparently just tossed in the bin alongside her corpse. What was the goddamned point?

But that's probably enough talking about her since she hardly mattered at all. Let's get to the real 'meat', Sousuke beating up yet another ugly thug pulled out of someone's ass. It's the same rock 'em sock 'em fighting as this series has always been with the same ending. Sousuke wins, but his mech is rendered nonfunctional. Or he passes out, which is kind of the same thing. I'm not even wholly clear on what this big master plan of his was for. To catch that one dude? Who he immediately gut-shot? Because he has some kind of secret information or lead on the ginormous organization who unleashed a global attack? But you know what the really amazing thing is? It's off again next week for another recap episode. It's rare for me to throw up my hands and declare myself finished with things partway through a season, but between this and Sinners, the shows are making a damn good argument to just go on vacation for a couple weeks.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anon says:

    >I really need to stop giving anime writers any credit whatsoever

    Well I assume you do know this is based on a light Novel that ended long ago, there was also a manga adaptation that also covers the whole thing so I guess you can blame on pacing and framing.

    That is also why I kinda lost interest since this is now a old series, the novel ended in 11 and the manga in 13, I still found strange they are adapting it now so many years later and how far they will go since with 12 episodes they arent even getting close to the end.

    • Aroduc says:

      Adaptions don’t need to have slavish devotion to the source material to still be adaptations. It’s all the worse when it is things that ended a long time ago, as they have the benefit of knowing how everything’s going to turn out and can smooth over rough edges or fix them entirely instead of just running a copy/paste and cutting down for time.

      We can say light novel and manga writers too though while we’re at it.

      • Anon says:

        Well no and its weird the pacing since its going to cover Yamsk II? or just end before that? since I am not seeing how its going to cover what happens after this and go there in just 4 episodes. Then again what is the point if it doesnt cover Yamsk II?

        I know its different medium but her death in Sigma had more of a shock because it happened in the middle of the chapter instead at the end, it caught me off guard because of that,Nami death is important since its tied to not just Sousuke so they cannot just cut it.

  • Baito Senshi says:

    Is it just me or there were scenes with missing shots and animation when Kurama fights the French agents? It was only for a minute or so but it Wizard Barristers episode 12 level bad, like the sound not matching what’s going on at all. This is a really bad sign.