Full Metal Panic IV #07 — Martyr Complex

June 1st, 2018


I think that's the true Whispered power.

Dragon Dancing was off yesterday. Franxx is off tomorrow for a recap episode. I should really post something, even if it's just fanservice gallery alongside a train of thought about copyright law and visual novel translation, which I've been turning over in my head lately. This has been a particularly godawful last month or so for anime. 


The exciting thing's the fight, right? It took a third of the episode before the fight even started, proceeded to then cut away from most of it, and he won punching a wall, which then had to have at least two paragraphs explaining how one mech was more durable than the other… and then follow it up by reviewing how cool it was that he knew one was more durable than the other. Even when they did show the rock'em sock'ems 'fighting', it was still pulling the "those bullets and grenades don't count" crap. Oh sure, he literally just stood and face-tanked a barrage of gunfire, but now, he has to hide behind cover and explain that he can't take any gunfire. Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, guys.

But I guess the important thing is the 'plot.' It's pretty amazing how they offhandedly go "Oh, yeah, this girl? Also one of the ones with the ill-defined magic powers," and then immediately throw herself into being the obligatory damsel in distress. Also, Lemon secretly has an army of deus ex super SWAT dudes following him around. And… uh… that's about it. Extraction from hostage situation by deus ex machina, and an awkward attempt to make a character into specialness that instead ends up a gross reduction to the same as all the others of her ilk. When did the writing get this bad? Or worse… perhaps it always was and in my wide eyed youth, I just coasted over it back in the day.    

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