Sinners Disco With Drakes #05 — Something Something Die When Killed

May 3rd, 2018


Death isn't what it used to be.

The other dragon show on Thursdays introduced a new girl (technically girls, but only really focused on one), a tomboy who is jealous of Hisone's natural talents, which you might recognize as the same as episode 2, but with a different hairstyle and perhaps a little less bitchy. Hisone continued to have a twenty minute panic attack over merely existing. I feel like I've seen all that show has to offer.


This, on the other hand, continues to both amaze and horrify by its steadfast refusal to make even the tiniest iota of sense. Where do I even start? The number of various grievous injuries that are completely shrugged off by someone going "Oh yeah, and you didn't die" or "I brought you back from death with zero effort at all." Or perhaps the infodump that closed out the end of the episode, revealing how it was all a political scheme all along, manipulating them into fighting the dragon already trying to kill them… but in a super genius way. I don't even understand why the three stooges tried to kill those two in the first place. You know what would have been ten thousand times simpler and less dangerous to every single person involved? Doing literally anything else. Hell, just tell them "Yo, you know those murders around town? You pissed off an angry dragon we want dead."

Or maybe simply that they beat her by… simply shooting a beam. You'd think they'd have made her sacrifice herself to protect her magic corpse gem, or that they'd figure out something about her and/or her abilities, or anything like that, but no. They were too busy talking about how they were too cool for school and all the cliches that they wouldn't be going on, so then they just said "Eh, fire beam" and she immediately dies. 'Immediately' being relative, because christ, do these gasbags drone on and on and on and on, even when they have a talon through their entire abdominal cavity or are missing half their face. And they don't even make sense then either. They spent literally minutes simpering on about how she was only out to kill them and spare anybody who didn't do her any personal wrong, apparently having forgotten the murder spree she was on due to being nearsighted or facial aphasia or dragon racism or whatever.

So congratulations, Seven Arcs. Being horrifyingly bad wins you at least one more week of attention over tiresome repetition. Maybe next week I'll just watch a random Jubei-chan episode and call that my Thursday activity for the rest of the season.

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