Full Metal Panic IV #06 — Revenge of the Light Jazz

May 25th, 2018


Again, what the hell is with the scoring of this show?


You'd think they'd use the montage to cut over Sousuke's rise, not to showcase their elevator music. Oh wait, here's the second montage. We're now halfway through the episode, have had two montages showing that time has passed, but not any significant amount of time, and we're out on a date. Luckily, a fat corrupt general is here to make something happen. Aaaaand he simply lets Sousuke go so that he can… go back to his room and make Red ovulate by mere touch. Seriously. Literally every time he touches her, she goes beet red and looses all control of her emotions.

And that's that's it. Episode over. Two montages that could've been covered in about 15 seconds yet chewed up half the episode, and then he bounces around his harem, making the female ones gush from his sheer protagonist protagonistliness. The elevator music was apparently not accidental. It was an omen. 

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    The main difference is, an elevator goes somewhere…