Caligula #08 — The Prettiest Boy

May 27th, 2018


I guess at least there was about three minutes of something this week.


You know what last week's episode of the protagonists sitting around doing nothing was missing? A parallel episode covering how the antagonists are also sitting around doing nothing. Two episodes in a row about how everyone is just sitting around doing nothing, both of them ending with the declaration that now the real battle is about to begin. Who could have possibly thought that this was a good idea? Is next week going to be Mu sitting around in a coma, dreaming about how she's doing nothing? It'd certainly be fitting.

I guess around the sixteen minute mark, the two boy idols had a bit of a tiff over who was the prettiest boy on the block until one started cutting himself. It was the protagonist, of course. The antagonist isn't strong enough to handle cutting himself and/or being 'ugly.' Had the protagonist here actually come to this realization rather than having it all along and waiting to spit it out, maybe there could've been at least something here between them… not counting all the other pointless filler asides to make sure every character showed up. As it stands though, there was no arc for either of them. One just yelled how he's pretty here, and being pretty is great, so the other said he had scars in real life and having scars is great. If anything, showing off that both sides could still use their powers undermined the last two episodes worth of declarations that they were powerless and had to sit and wait. Good job.


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