Caligula #05 — Oh Boy! The Carnival!

May 6th, 2018


Let's drop everything and go visit it. And be shocked that it's a setup!


What the hell was this episode? Hey, so, we've learned that we're trapped in a fake world, there's a cabal of evil pseudo-wizards constantly attacking us, and the whole thing is ruled over by a misguided robot, but did you hear that there's an amusement park in town? Let's drop everything and go ride the rides! And wow, that girl over there literally enslaving men sure is conspicuous, but, you know, it takes all types, right? Nothing suspicious about that at all! Let's keep bumbling around like ninnies, splitting up and… I guess that one dude is being chased by the monsters? Okay, sure, whatever.

Which is again a shame and kind of frustrating because the protagonist of the week is probably the most compelling character this show's had so far, and the first to actually get her not-Persona. I would've much rather the whole thing been totally centered on her without any of the weird asides or the 'comic relief.' She's assertive, confrontational, and as soon as she breaks free, she goes right to the declaration of her intent to tear the whole thing apart and summons weaponry. Meanwhile, the protagonist is still gaping at what's going on. Even more obnoxiously, the transformation and promise of an imminent fight is the cliffhanger for the episode, not the climax of it. 


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