Full Metal Panic! – Invisible Content #01 — Nothing and Lots of It

April 13th, 2018


Oh good, it's the "we have an existing fanbase, so we don't need to bother trying" approach.

That "Other World's Pub" or whatever show ended up being made up of four segments, two eight minute animated things of dudes hanging out at a pub, discussing the food, each followed by about four minutes of live action bits where a dude discusses the same food. That's enough of a loophole for me to spurn it without further note.


I'm going to once again refer back to the creator and writer assuring people that they'd be jumping right back into the action with this series. Apparently, by that, they meant taking an entire episode to stand around, having dour faced dour people dourly give a dour overview of the dour geopolitical situation. Christ, was this episode bad. Not bad like those wrongminded melodramatic things full of overreactions and bad writing. Bad because it's clear that they're not even bothering to try. "It's the first episode. We don't need to actually put in anything. The hardcore fans who will buy 3-4 copies and only want to see the words from the LN spoken out loud will buy it anyway." That's the message this episode screamed to me.

Even if you were coming at this from a completely blank slate, it was a tedious, boring, terrible episode. Nobody did a goddamned thing, and nothing happened. Every character just sat around and got yapped at. The most animated thing was some fidgeting with hair. Scenes dragged on impossibly long. Way to make me want to give Grancrest one more shot. I won't, despite it apparently 'improving' via regressing back to the first few episodes. But the temptation was there for a moment. Grancrest burned that bridge with close to two straight months of episodes exactly like this.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tiresias says:

    For all it’s (many) faults, FMP The Second Raid at least opened with a slick combat scene that extends for almost the entirety of its first episode.

    This…is pretty much worse than I had feared. I had expected some decent action weighed down by a rushed plot (because they’re apparently aiming to finish the entire story even though there’s supposed to be a lot of material left). Turns out we don’t even get the former.

  • Neclord X says:

    This one was painful to watch. First I forgot how terrible of a charácter Tessa’s brother was and how much I hated him.

    Second, it seems there was more relationship development offscreen that what we actually saw back in the day.

    Last, the worst part, is how mediocre the production was. It’s been 13 f*cking years waiting this, and what do we get? Static faces with moving mouths. Shameful.

  • Sol says:

    Meh, I’ll just go back and watch Fumoffu (KyoAni’s best work before they switched target market to pedophiles). FMP was about the comedy for me. Action was generic as fuck, and it looks even worse here. I’d rather look at CG bears from Golden Kamui than this.

  • DP says:

    Good start to the series.

    Tense episode, gradual build up of the danger and re-introduction of the characters, and managed to cover the setting without info dumping.

    Good development of the relationship between the leads.

    I think you guys are just trolling!