Grancrest War #05 — Twilight

February 2nd, 2018


And about as exciting too.


So… we're just flailing here, aren't we? Close to 15 minutes on little more than vampires existing. Particularly silly vampires at that. The kind that are purple and spend their entire lives sitting at the pipe organ. So the pacing remained garbage, with half the episode frittered away on nothing at all. My favorite part was the parade of characters introducing themselves, complete with unique designs, who then vanished from the episode entirely. And then our big bad vampire lord simply futzes away so we can join the gypsy wolves in fighting a witch. And yet, it was probably the closest the good guys have come to an actual fight in the show to date as opposed to them simply murdering the hell out of whatever goes up against them, so I'm not entirely certain how to feel about it. Then again, the head werewolf did somehow decapitate two gargoyles at once with a single tackle while the haremettes were running across the ground on all fours in human form, so there's clearly still room for improvement.

So what was this episode then? A rebranding of itself into a buddy adventure? If you're playing a drinking game on the phrase "want to be stronger" at the end, you'll probably die, but I'm fairly certain this was simply for the recruitment bit for a couple of animal-eared twins into the harem as his personal maids. Because of course they are. You know, the characters that showed up for maybe 30 seconds combined in the entire rest of the episode, and their only distinguishing characteristic is "indistinguishable from the other one." Like almost every set of twins in Japanese media.

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