Zodiac War #08 — Contempt of Audience

November 21st, 2017


It's hard to find a single part of this episode that wasn't terrible.


Yep. Snake/Dragon are still boring as all snot, and a second episode of focus on them just makes them double boring. And the second flashback for their past was perhaps even worse than the first. Instead of just thieves being thieves, they're also mercenaries for Umbrella Corp and Umbrella Corp Lite, so they have to spend about five minutes reviewing Umbrella's evil orphan abuse operation… before revealing that no, they're just thieves. And Umbrella keeps all of its wealth in a Scrooge McDuck vault. The only thing I can think is that maybe they could've started with the Robin Hood thing instead of the serial murderer thing, and maybe the eventual reveal that they really are just petty jerks might've at least pretended to be a surprise.

All of this was told as a flashback from its own flashback to a courtroom scene. Not a legal courtroom, but some kind of weird tribunal with nonsense rules that also need to be reviewed. This would consume the entire goddamned episode. And the argument for them was "We're specials, and you're not. You think you get to judge us?" Then they just drop it. Christ. We wouldn't return to current events until about a minute from the end. It's revealed that burning kills the Rabbit magic, the two are free, and… that's it. Dragon spends the last minute doing a goddamned recap and episode's over. What a goddamned fiasco of an episode.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Yea saw this and was like yeeeaaa Aroduc is not going to like this. So this can be skipped altogether with no implication whatsoever, what a waste of time. I was more surprised about how they paired Ms Fanservice and the horned dude with no coherence whatsoever, I guess they could not kill the only source of fanservice yet.