Dynamic Chord #01 — Amazingly Animated OP Sequence

October 5th, 2017

That animation really is next level.


The real lesson I learned here is that my patience for gathering joke images is not what it used to be. Or maybe it's just the forty minutes of melodramatic teenagers right into the merely second of three rote boy band shows, each with more boy and band than the last. I swear they spawn straight out of the ether these days, CGI/rotoscoped OP sequence, CD cover montage ED sequence, shower scene, gazing wistfully at a cherry tree that glows like a neon bomb, etc. Rest assured that I did not skip a stunning masterpiece, completely subverting the entire subgenre to post a bunch of guinea pigs in hats.


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One Lonely Comment

  • abc says:

    Next time use Cats, they are awesome, too