Spy Kids #12 — “SEQUEL, PLEASE”

September 24th, 2017


That was the most half-assed attempt at regicide ever.


This remained blithely idiotic to the very end. Turns out Zelda was a rogue crazy person, just in it to be evil, and as soon as everyone showed up to save Charlotte, she simply futzed away and crisis totally averted. The antagonists we've been fussing around with in the background for the entire season? They had a little car chase. That was their contribution to this episode. And then literally everything simply went right back to how it was before. The end. Friendship power! I think the whole thing existed only to serve Charlotte giving a dumb speech about how she'd totes sacrifice herseful for the good of the people, because she's the Jesusest, thereby stopping the revolution in its tracks because they were so overcome by the sheer depth of empathy a teenager has. Give me a break.

Final Thoughts:

The more this leaned on its writing, the worse it got because all it knew how to do was simper endlessly about friendship. For at least an episode or two, the director had the helm and could at least fake it. Perhaps all the friendship crap could've worked had they actually tested it in any meaningful way, but all they had was the typical dickwaving contest over who cared the most about the other. And even that was just one little bit. Taking that aside, all three of the side characters had fundamentally the same backstory of an abusive father, with no actual character arc in the present, let alone role in the climax of the damn show, calling into question why they even existed at all. Especially the particularly shrieky one who was godawful at everything, yet still got to be the most omnipresent. Even the main duo weren't going to win any awards for personality; their main trait being "cares a whole lot about the other," just at different volumes. Perhaps that's why the initial episodes weren't as hard to stomach, because their motives were still cyphers.

There was promise at the start, but it was far too toothless to make anything notable of itself, and filled with a ridiculous amount of chaff. The second half especially was nonsense on top of bad writing on top of particularly weak melodrama that built only to a hasty climax that resolved nothing. Probably could've made a neat OVA, but as a series, was about 8 episodes and 14 speeches on friendship and caring about each other too long.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    This episode was such a mess that I wouldn’t know where to start, actually I am still trying to figure what the hell was happening and how these soldiers minds even work.

    To me the series at the beginning show certain promise, it was stupid, yes, but at least it was a series about steampunk spy girls that actually did steampunk spy thing, sadly it lost their way half series and never recovered and all the time wasted on pointless episodes made that the final arc, that obviously needed more time was extremely rushed.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Why on Earth did Charlotte/Ange leave her jacket on the blimp? And why is the falling death ceiling controlled by a key?

    There was a lot of weird decisions with this show, like I still don’t understand why they went down the path of non chronological episodes, and the only real impact it had was Chise was on the team one week, not on the team next, and then she’s joining the team for the first time. And why on Earth did Beatrice’s father install a device in her throat to change her voice, what non-spy purpose would that serve him or her?

    I still liked the show over all, it was the best show this season, and I’d watch a second season.

  • anise_punter says:

    i’d watch a sequel

    that’s in some semblance of an order