Little Witch Academia #23 — Ex Post Facto

June 11th, 2017


Oh boy! An episode spent walking back the little that 'happened' in the previous one!


So, how will we be spending this episode in the wake of that last second 'twist' (which didn't even make any sense)? A flashback to try to explain/justify it because Chariot can do no wrong and everyone in Japanese media must play the silent victim so that others can assume the worst, Akko moping around to try to justify her continued behavior as a sociopath throwing a tantrum because she feels that she was supposed to have everything handed to her despite a lack of effort, not taking anything seriously, and antagonistic behavior to everybody while attending a gender-exclusive top-class school? Seriously, Trigger. Did you base her off of Elliot Rodger? Both flashback and moping? Well, since the title of the episode is "Yesterday" I'm not taking any bets.

And here's the big twist. If you thought that was padding the first paragraph with saying nothing, you're wrong! It was a summary of the episode. What serendipity. The first half is a flashback and the second half is Akko moping around while all her friends associates worry about her, then find her and tell her that she is the bestest ever, thereby granting her groove back, and crisis of… whatever… is complete. Way to overcome a retconned ex post facto hurdle by sitting around and being told how right and how great you are, Akko. Truly, you are the hero we all aspire to be. And they barely had to animate anything in the second half at all! Everybody wins!

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