Little Witch Academia #22 — The Recap Episode

June 4th, 2017


Oh god yes, I love recap.


This episode was singular in its purpose. Its stupid, awful, idiotic purpose. "Catch Akko up on everything that the audience already knows." About Ursula being Chariot, about Croix being evil, about magic being, uh… some handwavey thing about magic being not magically magic enough because of magic, and, uh… that's about it. They had to fit in a montage of flashbacks about all the 'touching' moments between Ursula and Akko, but that just showed how identical each one was. And of course, Akko threw a tantrum about it, like she always does. I guess there was also increased focus on the soccer thing to make sure even the slowest kids in the room understood what was going on with that, but it's so incredibly dumb and nonsensical that it's amazing they're still going with it completely straight, but I suppose it's probably too late to change things now.

But what else is there to say about an episode that was essentially recap for the slowest, most oblivious member of the cast? It sure… spent 20 minutes reviewing everything that we already knew with as little effort as possible? Oh, I'm sure there was probably something marginally new somewhere in the endless torrent of exposition spewed out, but I'm sure they'll repeat it at least three more times if they decide it actually is important or if it was just fluff. 


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Hippogryph says:

    Maybe you should re-view this one with the subtitles, when they emerge.

    The entire series was turn on its head, in a horrible way, in the last few minutes. It’s not that Ursula wasn’t who she seemed to be. It’s that Shiny Chariot wasn’t.

    Akko’s reaction was pretty mild, given the truth.

    • Aroduc says:

      What? That Chariot was trying to use happiness power whereas Croix was using unhappiness power?

      What a twist.

      That involved a whopping, what, 15 seconds of the episode? Besides, I have a dim view of retconning things that made perfect sense like Akko being garbage at magic because she doesn’t take it seriously and puts in zero effort to actually have been the writers just being so super duper clever. That crap don’t fly.

      • elior1 says:

        the only thing i didnt expected is that chariot turned out to be as evil as croix

        • Aroduc says:

          Boy, you guys are melodramatic.

        • elior1 says:

          it not about melodrama. i just saying that i expected all this time that the reason she didnt reveal her identefy to akko is becouse she wanted to learn it for herself. i didnt think it was this far fetched

  • anise_punter says:

    Akko’s sheer obliviousness is impressive even by non-harem anime standards.