Hina Logi #01 — Remove Men, Add Baths

June 24th, 2017


*mrph* Huh? Yeah, what, I'm awake. Not caught offguard by this at all.

I admit that I'm not entirely sure where this came from, but some flavor of English netcast. The Japanese terrestrial broadcasts begin next week on the 1st. 


If you remember back to that heady time of Spring 2016, there was the show Luck and Logic, which was a poster child for being almost good, in that from far away, it could've been fine, but the execution continually fell short. This is a spinoff of it, seemingly addressing what they saw as the two greatest issues; that the cast wasn't 100% female, and that it didn't take place in a high school. Also, all characters are now idiots and take baths constantly. Come the hell on, Japan. At least try to work with me here. I guess at least the second transformation sequence was sufficiently fanservicey, if that's your fetish.

Like Luck and Logic, I can almost see how this could've been a passable episode, but it falls significantly shorter. Especially disappointing was the bit where the main character lost control of her powers (basically the only 'high' in the episode) and started giggling almost psychotically about how she was going to play with everybody while crushing them… except before we got to actually doing that, she just got comically bonked on the head, followed by Harp Lady rambling about Super Friendship Powers, then how Girl B is already Girl A's idol for… some reason, going into the second bath of the episode. Had there been a lot more psychoticness and preferably strangling… maybe, but Luck and Logic was already neither good nor memorable, and it had Satan going around seducing everybody. This just seems like a regression to the inescapable high school girls friendship singularity that half of Japanese shows are being rapidly sucked into. It's difficult to see how it might surpass that low bar.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fluffums says:

    I don’t remember a single thing about Luck and Logic.

    Still, “almost good” is the best thing you’ve said about an anime in seasons, so I’ll give this a try.

    • Aroduc says:

      Almost good from a great distance… with better execution… and more animation.

      Because it definitely wasn’t a good show. Its failings were simply different from most other anime.