Little Witch Academia #20 — The Temporary Inconveniencing

May 21st, 2017


Well, at least Akko did something at some point in the episode. That's a step up.


No grand surprises or eyecandy here as it limped to its completely-expected resolution. Diana is temporarily inconvenienced, five minutes of exposition, Akko de-inconveniences her, another five minutes of exposition, Akko's protagonist power leaps outward from her ass to fix everything, almost literally. And yet, there's still somehow almost a third of the episode remaining at this point. Climax? Pfft. Who needs one of those? If you want a moment of triumph for Akko (or Diana), then perhaps we shouldn't divorce the last time either of them struggled with anything with said moment by a quarter of the episode standing around talking.

Anyway, status quo fully restored with the usual "Akko totally learned something this time," ignoring the last dozen times she also supposedly did. You'll note that Andrew had no part in any of this, so who the hell even knows what his role in things was. Besides padding out the run time to fill the full forty minutes, I mean. Because we definitely needed that conversation between him and Akko reviewing everything she was shrieking about last episode. 

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  • elior1 says:

    now that there is only 2 words left my guess is that the final word will be love which is why chariot didnt unlocked it becoue it never happend to her