Little Witch Academia #19 — “Oh, Yeah. Diana Exists.”

May 14th, 2017


Time for an episode about Akko being out of place among the aristocracy then.


You can tell Diana's elevated status by her nonsensical episode-of-a-week taking two weeks to get through. It's not less focused on Akko though, rest assured. I loved all the crap through the first half about how criz-azy it is for Diana to be quitting school for family stuff, entirely from Akko, considering how much of a petty brat she's been the entire time. Oh, sure. She may have gone starry-eyed about how hard it is have talent, motivation, and ethics, and then fifteen seconds later attempted to off-handedly humilate her and ruin her life. Consistency? Pfft. And we can't have an episode about the aristocracy without Andrew, so he gets to be the chauffeur while contributing jackall to anything.

Anyway, like this post, the reframing of Akko as Diana's biggest cheerleader ate up half the damn episode, but that's not where the reframing ends. Well, for her it is. Most of the rest was spent with Akko doing her usual thing; shrieking at everybody else for not bowing to her whims. This time, instead of being out of place among aristocracy, as has been the case for multiple previous episodes, Akko was out of place among aristocracy… which was Diana's family. Treading bold new ground here. Actual focus on Diana and/or her family was only maybe five minutes of the episode, and they're comically evil, placing money over sentimentality. Not for any real reason, either. Just to be the hugest bitches possible, smirking and gloating about it all the way, because writing is hard.

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