Little Witch Academia #16 — Flora Flu

April 23rd, 2017


It's a miracle some other witch didn't show up and save the day for once.

I'm giving up on Tsugumomo. The breaking point was pretty early in the fourth episode when the protagonist is finally supposedly coming into his own (after a very long dream sequence in the middle of the 'fight'), whereupon they go back to one side declares an attack, the other side makes a wall. But this time, everyone's gasping with how amazing the protagonist's ability to create the same walls, and/or his ability to go "Same Attack as Before… But Better!" "What amazing technique!"


Although this one still isn't winning any awards. After a very infodumparrific opening, it was time to drop the main plot to visit Lotte's family in the middle of some flavor of magic platification food poisoning, so it's up to Akko to collect the ingredients for the cure; sticking a bottle up a reindeer's ass, nagging a yeti ceaselessly, and further browbeating the same reindeer for not carrying her fast enough. Still, it seemed very perfunctory. They had X marbles to light up, some exposition at the start they wanted to spew out and… here's 15 minutes of more or less random other junk, mostly Akko harassing various creatures. I don't even know why they involved Lotte's family at all since she had no more presence in this episode than most others, and hasn't made any real case for… well, existing. Muting the volume of the problems endemic to the show does make some parts of it grate less, but this was certainly one of the more vapid and pointless episodes to date.


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  • v1cious says:

    Gotta agree, this was only slightly less worse than the Night Fall episode. At least it moved the plot forward. Sorta