Little Witch Academia #14 — Science Wizard

April 9th, 2017


For the love of god, Japan, it takes literally 3 seconds to check spelling on Google.

I may or may not have completely forgotten about this show. Not that it's any great loss, although it's still certainly superior to either of the other two Sunday things.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to be shocked… shocked, I say… when Science Wizard, who has instantly taken over the entire school and re-done basically everything in her computerized image turns out to be an antagonist. It also doesn't speak highly of Akko at all that she immediately jumps to the next new thing that catches her eye without a second thought. Of course, she basically didn't exist in the episode at all anyway. She, uh… joined the fairy strike so she could throw a tantrum and get into another petty spat with Diana? And, uh… that's about it. Another victory for our intrepid protagonist. 

The episode was otherwise a fairly clumsy reboot. Now everything is science-magic because some new teacher flew into town and solved the problem of the week, with most of the first half of the episode spent explaining what the problem of the week was. Rest assured, they waved their hands… not very much at all and it was totally not pulled out of anybody's asses nor solved with yet more of the same. A couple magic roombas and let's go ahead and install magic servers while giving everybody ipads and abandoning all the old ways. Buy Apple!


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  • elior1 says:

    call me crazy but i think diana is jealous of akko based on the previous episode and this episode